Competitive Intelligence

Competitors’ activities, market trends, potential risk factor detections and other CI services. We focus on the following technical intelligence topics: 1) Strategic planning of R&D; 2) Early Technical Warnings (ETW); 3) Key player monitoring; 4) Commercialization. We offer a design methodology for the implementation of Competitive Intelligence processes in your company, or institution. Gaining a competitive advantage with these methods is not the only benefit. A special series of lectures uncover the most valuable and hidden intellectual capital – your employees’ tacit knowledge.

Expert workshops

Our lecturers are experts in the fields of applied informatics and intelligence. We offer professional and unique educational programmes for different industries and fields. We have created a specific workshop structure that does not stand on traditional and conventional approaches. It is clear that relevant data and information play a more important role in society than ever before, so we would like to deliver knowledge that provides you with the possibility of staying ahead of your competitors (and others).

Open Source Intelligence

Open sources provide significant search and analytical possibilities as an important part of the intelligence life-cycle. Experts say that we should be able to collect 90% of all necessary information from this environment. But these sources are hidden and can be reached only with specific search methods. Explore them with us.

Information support for innovation companies and clusters

Innovation and development are dependent on relevant data and information, and not only about emerging technologies, or new markets. Your innovation and research team information needs and their solutions must be precise and up-to-date regarding relevancy.

Deep Web Search Methods

Advanced search methods in the deep web environment belong to our key services. Explore invisible sources that are hidden and difficult to access. Learn special search techniques and tactics to reduce company information overload. Also, apply this knowledge to a technology signal information set and set up your own early warning system.

Intellectual Property Information Service

Patents, trademarks, utilities and other intellectual entities are among the most essential information assets for technology and business environment. Determine and customize your R&D strategy and get an influential competitive advantage with us. We provide your scientists, researchers and innovators with a meaningful way to deal with intellectual property data and information sources and use them for reliable decision-making and for innovation process support.