Our company has organised the advanced search method and Competitive Technical Intelligence (CTI) workshops from Jan Černý on two occasions: initially, in the smaller group of product and development managers, directors and marketing analysts; then subsequently, in the broader team consisting of development, research and strategic procurement experts. Two things were clarified during on day one: first, the searching and Competitive Intelligence processes are very practical methods for reaching absolutely critical information necessary for the everyday work duties of many of our team members, and getting materials for strategic management. Secondly, there is no more enthusiastic CTI expert and lecturer in the Czech Republic than Jan Černý. The practical significance of the workshop began with Google advanced search methods, from which we got results that were almost magically precise and useful. For us, the greatest benefit was finding out about the giant sea of information we can hunt in (and how!), as well as developing our ability to ask the right questions, and last but not least a professional collaborative methodology for search processes. My colleagues and I thank you for this.