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PhDr. Jan Černý, Ph.D.

Mgr. Matyáš Urbánek, DiS.

Become an information ninja that can fight down different pitfalls of a present digital world and fulfill complex Information tasks in different environments. Our specialized course will teach you to move skillfully in all of the levels of web, use unique tricks and methods for obtaining data and information., gain maximum from information sources, and cope in difficult situations that will request particular information. The ninjas were forced to counterwork in absolute anonymity. And you will learn in our couse how to effectively stay hidden in the on-line environment and anonymize your movements. It is being considered as one of the key ability that will let you carry out challenging problems in the context of sensitive data and information search process. How your training will be organized? First, we will demonstrate why some information is invisible on the web and how to effectively obtain it. Next to stay hidden on-line, you will learn in the following part the possibilities of the never-ending deep web. You will take a look to inexhaustible amount of information sources and systems, that are unknown for the most of the public and you will learn how to use to to get an advantage. You will solve tasks in the last part of this course to verify your new abilities and skills. You will learn specialized methods that are used by small number of internet users. Your new knowledge will significantly simplify your professional duties. You will be faster when working with information and get more time. .




Web structure and its properties

You’ll get an overview of how the web works, how the information is being created here. You find out what’s behind the gates of classic search engines used by most digital humanity. You will understand the essence of communication of data and information and their origin in the online environment.


Indexing information

Why some information is easy to find and other with great difficulty. How information gets into search engines and other information sources, and why we get results of different quality based on our queries. All this concerns the whole issue of description of information, its storage in databases and subsequent access.


Invisible information

We’ll introduce sites on the web that hide important resources that no traditional search engine can provide. You will discover new kinds of information resources and web applications that ordinary users will never get in touch with while providing unique information.


Information ninja methods and tools for obtaining and evaluating information

The right logical search procedures will lead you to matching results. Moreover, you cannot do without specialized methods for obtaining them. You will get acquainted with them in this thematic whole. In database systems and research resources, you will learn to create advanced queries, work with analysis tools, classification schemes, thesauri, and use the results for further research. However, the basic equipment of information ninjas is also necessary tools and applications that fundamentally change the ways of working with information.



Without a series of testing tasks and testing it will not work. Although during the day you become acquainted with theoretical necessities, we focus mainly on practice. We are convinced that practical work will lead you to understand and start your mastery of information work.






4,990 CZK / person (price is final, we are not VAT payer)



BYOD User knowledge of the Internetu



Duration: 1 day (9-16 am with breaks) Venue and dates: Prague (15. 4. 2020), Ostrava (5. 12. 2019)



PhDr. Jan Černý, Ph.D., profile here, or LinkedIn, or Mgr. Matyáš Urbánek, DiS.

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